Noe Valley Voice April 2001


APRIL 1: Come to the Society of Urban Gardeners' SLUG, FEST at the Garden for the Environment. Saucers of beer served.

APRIL 1: A PSYCHIC KNEELING FAIRE promotes flexibility of leg joints through visualization.

APRIL 1: "The Changing BANKS of Noe Valley," a slide show featuring nostalgic views of Coast Federal, Gibraltar, Hibernia, and Home Savings, is on the agenda of the monthly meeting of the San Francisco History Association. 7 pm. Ebeneezer Scrooge Institute, 555-BOFA.

APRIL 1: LOW SELF-ESTEEM support group meets 7 pm at the Noe Valley Ministry. Please use the back door.

APRIL 1: Rapper BEANDBEE performs a concert of controversial hits, including Realtor Killer, 30-Day Notice and a Gun, and Evicted, Shmevicted. Noe Valley Music Series. 8:15 pm.

APRIL 1: Auditions for TV show SURVIVOR: Noe Valley are open to any renter who can show proof of living in the neighborhood for more than 10 years.

APRIL 1: FILMS for local horror fans of all ages include The Creature from Laguna Honda, Alfred Hitchcock's The Dogs, and I Spit on Your Organic Produce.

APRIL 1: Parents and Friends of Lesbian and Transgendered and Gay and Straight and Bisexual and Simply Questioning Undecided Individual Dog Owners, P-FLATAGASABAGASQUID, seeks members.