Noe Valley Voice April 2001

Letters to the Editor


Quiet Those Barking Dogs


I read with interest the letter "Beware of Dog Death Threats," published in the March 2000 Voice. Although I don't condone the threats, my sympathies lie with the sender of the threats. I noticed that the dog owner carefully omits any details of their dog(s)' behavior, especially regarding barking. They also don't say whether there have been any peaceful attempts to resolve the situation.

I live on Clipper between Diamond and Douglass. In recent years, several irresponsible dog owners have moved onto the block. They let their dogs bark loudly and incessantly at all hours of the night and early morning. I have been a volunteer for the S.F. SPCA for 12 years, and love all animals. But I draw the line at being awakened from a sound sleep by hysterical dogs yapping morning and night.

I would appreciate any suggestions from dog owners and others, as to the best way to resolve this kind of problem. I would also like some insight into the minds of these owners that think its okay for their dogs to constantly disturb the peace. Thank you.

K. Katz

Via e-mail

Leno Leaves Out Schools


Although I generally support Supervisor Mark Leno, I was greatly discouraged by the recently published interview [March 2001]. Why is it that Supervisor Leno is familiar with the facts of dog ownership in Noe Valley, but not with the statistics about children living in the neighborhood? It is children, not dogs, who will eventually provide the tax base to fund Supervisor Leno's retirement, sex change operations for city employees, and other programs he endorses.

Curious he isn't enraged by the awful neighborhood schools. Moreover, has it occurred to him that if the Noe Valley schools were decent, people would purchase homes here for that reason, and not because of the neighborhood's proximity to a freeway. Perhaps that would dampen the desire for inappropriate monster homes.

Finally, if neighborhood schools were decent, fewer cars would be needed to drive children to distant school locations. Aren't there issues more important than dogs that really affect everyone's future?

S. Kundig

Duncan Street

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