Noe Valley Voice April 2001

The Outernet: The Latest High-Tech Development

By Ty McRamay

The most revolutionary new method of connecting people and businesses since the invention of the Internet by Al Gore was unveiled in Radio Hut's recent "Gimme New Stuff" ad flyer.

"The Outernet will certainly change the way we live," said Ned Lud, twine and rope buyer at Church Street Office Supplies of Charm.

The simplest way to explain the Outernet to a "newbie" would be to liken it to a very long piece of string, tied between all similar businesses. When a person wants to find a shoe repair shop, he can go out and walk around and look for a string marked "shoe repairs," and then follow that string until he comes to the actual shop. If a person wants to comparison shop, he can simply follow the "shoe repair" string that's tied to the first shop to another location, because within the Outernet, all of the similar places will be connected. If you lose your thread, so to speak, all you have to do is go back to where you started and try again.

An alternative method, still being worked on, is to have a central place where many different strings meet and

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