Noe Valley Voice March 2013

On 24th Street

Asked on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013, in front of Chase Bank at 24th and Noe streets:


Where do you work and how do you get there?


Natalie Cox, Vicksburg Street: I work at UCSF Mt. Zion and take the 24 bus, J-Church, or ride my bike to work. Some days, my boyfriend drops me off in the car, but I love to ride my bike on a sunny day.

Shawn Brennan, 22nd Street: I drive to my job at Pixar Studios in Emeryville every day. It’s an easy commute.

Dave and Deborah Frangquist, Alvarado Street: I (Deborah) drive to my job as a career consultant at an office on Bush and Octavia. And I (Dave) work three days a week at home and two days a week in San Ramon. When I go to San Ramon, I have to take Muni and BART.

Bryan Shiles, Elizabeth Street: I am an architect, and I typically ride my bike to my studio in South Park. Biking keeps me healthy and the city has really made it easier to commute that way—plus it is a whole lot cheaper.

Adra Akman, Cesar Chavez Street: I take the shuttle to my job at Tesla Motors in Palo Alto. Taking the shuttle is great because I don’t have to drive and I can work or sleep during the ride.

Katy Koerber, Castro Street: I work at a financial firm in the Presidio and drive there every day. The difficult part about this is that I have to pay six dollars each day to park my car. If I took Muni the trip would take hours.

Sherry Coveney, Elizabeth Street: I work for Kofax, which is headquartered in Irvine, but I work from home. So my car sits in the driveway and my commute is just a walk down the stairs from my bedroom to my office.

Matt David, 25th Street: I work in Hayes Valley at a design firm and take the J-Church every day. Most days, the commute is good, but others the train can get pretty crowded. I share a car with my wife, and she is usually the one that takes it to work.