Noe Valley Voice February 2013

On 24th Street



Asked on Saturday, Jan. 26, in front of Chase Bank at 24th and Noe streets:


Where do you like to meet people in Noe Valley?


Earl Frick, Chattanooga Street: I like to meet people at the bank or the 24 Hour Fitness here. I also like to get to know the people in the apartment building around the corner from me. It is a small community, so it is easy to meet people.


John Keough, Elizabeth Street: I have a family, so I like to meet up with people at kid-friendly places like local restaurants.


Mira Gutoff, Noe Street: Phoenix Bookstore or Just for Fun are great places to meet new people. I also like to just take walks or go to one of the bars.


Brian Elliott, Clipper Street: I like to go to the Valley Tavern. They have a nice selection of people, and beer.


Lucy O’Dwyer, Noe Street: The people at Bernie’s are really friendly. Before Whole Foods opened, I could just go to Bernie’s for some milk or anything I needed and she always helped me out.


Lita Blanc, 25th Street: Martha’s and La Boulange are great places to meet up with people. It is a great neighborhood coffee place, and everyone knows each other. Plus, the coffee is good!


Bree and Andrew Klose, Dolores Street: In the daytime, we always go to Bernie’s or Martha’s to meet up with friends. At night we go to the Valley Tavern. It really just depends on the time of day.


Racheal Bailey, 29th Street: I hang out and talk to the people at Drewes [on Church Street]. I also see a lot of my neighbors at Regent Thai. I have met a very eclectic group of people at Spark Chiropractic—I just met a business contact there. Another great place to meet people is on the J-Church.


Interviews and images by Shayna Rubin