Noe Valley Voice September 2012

On 24th Street

Asked on Sunday, Aug. 19, 2012, in front of Chase Bank on 24th near Noe Street:


What is the best bargain in Noe Valley?


Jeff Wood, Chattanooga Street: I just got a $10 bottle of wine at Noe Valley Wine Merchants. A well-priced, decent bottle of wine is difficult to find around here. Sometimes a bargain in Noe Valley is all about quality and not necessarily about the price.


Lindsay Edick, 25th Street: The best bargain in Noe Valley has to be at the Ambiance clearance store. If you are looking for a good deal on fashionable clothes, there’s no need to leave the neighborhood. It’s right around the corner for me.


Abby Zimberg and Helene Wenzel, Grand View Avenue: One of the best deals in Noe Valley is at Barney’s—their salads and burgers are delicious and decently priced. Another bargain is the “356” brand at Whole Foods. It’s nice to have a cheaper option at Whole Foods.


Jesse Baker, 27th Street: I’ve lived here for a month and a half, so I haven’t found any great bargains in Noe Valley, but I am definitely on the lookout for them.


Adam Hugo-Holman, Noe Street: I love the vegetable burrito at Casa Mexicana—it’s only around $7, but it’s delicious.


Diane Kennedy, Alvarado Street: My house of 39 years is the best bargain I have found in Noe Valley.


Alex Oviatt, 24th Street: Whole Foods has sandwiches for $7. Most of the other places around Noe Valley are too expensive for lunch.


Granger Tripp, Elizabeth Street: Bargains and Noe Valley don’t usually go together, but the library has to be the best deal around here. It’s great for us old-timers because you can get magazines, books, and videos for free—it’s better than the iPad.