Noe Valley Voice February 2012

On 24th Street


Asked on Saturday, Jan. 21, at 24th and Noe streets:

Have you found love in Noe Valley? Do you have a favorite romantic spot?



Megan Major, Dolores Street: I have not found love in Noe Valley. I found love in college, though, and I like to bring him over to Noe Valley occasionally. We love to go to Toast together.


Neil Morse and Stella, Chattanooga Street: I did find love in Noe Valley! My wife and I have been living here since 1976. Though we didn’t meet here, we found romance here. We would always walk to the top of Tank Hill, a park off of Clarendon.


Jonny Wallace and Tara Van Velzen, Alvarado Street: Though we met in the Mission, we moved to Noe Valley to live together here. For a romantic night out, we go to Lupa together.


Alfonso Felder, Vicksburg Street: I did find love here. I grew up here, found love here, and am now married and living with my wife here. We like to go to Bacco for a romantic dinner.


Bill Veiga, Noe Street: I moved to Noe Valley and got married here a few weeks later. For a romantic night, we love to go to Contigo.


Jon Finn, 29th Street: I’ve found romance several times here. I think it is very possible to meet single people in Noe Valley. Fresca, Le Zinc, and the Valley Tavern can be pretty romantic places.


Jessica Sisto and Riley, 23rd Street: I was married when I moved here. I do think there is a lot of opportunity for romance in Noe Valley.


Rafael Musni and Charlotte Mayang, Kingston Street: We didn’t meet in Noe Valley, we met at a downtown club near Union Square. But there are a lot of romantic places we like to go to in Noe Valley, specifically Le Zinc. We also like to go for runs up to Grand View Street.