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A sidewalk garden at 23rd and Sanchez streets was recently raided by a brazen woman in a BMW.   Photo courtesy Bret Walters

Plant Thief with Wheels


We live at 23rd and Sanchez streets and have installed a 70-foot-long sidewalk garden. The neighbors love it, and we’ve been getting great feedback.

However, on Halloween night we were hit by a thief who stole nine of our succulents out of the garden. This was disheartening, of course.

Then on Dec. 9, I caught a woman in her early 60s stealing salvia from the garden. I confronted her, and she told me, “What’s the big deal? I am only taking a couple of flowers.” She had a garbage bag full of salvia branches! Her trunk also had another garbage bag full of plants.

She drove off in a gold BMW. We got the license number and I filed a report with the police for petty theft. But the police said that unless there were a pattern, they wouldn’t go out to confront her.

I am wondering if other neighbors have been struck by plant thieves.

If you’d like to contact me, please call 415-420-7874.

John Lum
23rd Street


Bundle of Disappointment


I have lived in the Sunset for over 40 years. I raised all my children (nine) in the Sunset and enjoyed the rivalry between the neighborhoods because my best friend still lives in Noe Valley. Several of my children have chosen to live in Noe Valley, so I have a long history with Noe Valley and go there often. I enjoy your restaurants, etc., but not anymore. I will never feel the same about Noe Valley.

My daughter lives there, on 29th Street. She had her first baby in early January and was due to arrive home on Sunday, Jan. 8, at about 2 p.m. I, being a very proud grandma, wanted to welcome her and the new baby home, so I made a special basket.

The basket had all my daughter’s favorite foods (salsa con queso, candy, cookies, chips, avocados, cheeses, etc.) and some gifts for the baby including a tooth fairy pillow. This was a very big basket lined with six baby-blue linen napkins. I tied a note to the basket that just said, “Welcome home, baby,” but I didn’t sign my name.

I didn’t want to intrude on their homecoming, so I left the basket on their stoop, or doorstep, about 11:30 a.m., covered with a baby blanket. I didn’t sign the note because I knew that she would know who left the basket. The basket was filled with love for the new baby and his mother.

My daughter did not call to thank me. I waited for the call. It never came.

The basket was taken. I don’t want to say stolen. This is Noe Valley, where everyone wants to live.

I pray and hope that someone just took this basket of love because they needed it more or knew someone who needed it more, maybe another new mother in need who also had a new baby boy and didn’t have a grandma to bring it love.

So, Noe Valley, I’m happy to live in the Sunset.

Dorothy (aka Nana)
Last name withheld by request


Time for Glee at School of the Arts


We’d like to invite you to The Producers, which opens for seven performances at the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts on Feb. 23. You might not know that students at the high school have their academic classes in the morning, then work in their individual arts disciplines in the afternoon. All our students audition to get into the school and upon graduation are accepted into top colleges and conservatories across the country.

Over the next few weeks, the actors and musicians will be working each night and on the weekends on the schoolwide production of The Producers. Under the direction of Keith Carames and several artists-in-residence, this talented group is also building sets and sewing costumes. The Producers is a musical comedy about two producers who think they can make money by producing a Broadway flop, so they select the most awful, distasteful script they can find. (The comedy may be rather mature for very young children.) The cast will have you doubled up with laughter, and you will be amazed at the quality of the pit orchestra, not to mention the nine scene changes. The school’s musicals usually sell out—last year the team brought you Ragtime, and previously Seussical and Beauty and the Beast. 

We hope our neighbors in Noe Valley will attend the show, and we are delighted to offer readers of theNoe Valley Voice a discount of $2 per ticket when purchased online in advance. Go to and click on the link to The Producers and use “noe” when prompted for a coupon code. Thank you for helping us celebrate the 30th anniversary season at School of the Arts.

Sandra Halladey
Parent of Alvarado and James Lick alums who now attend the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, 555 Portola Drive


The parklet in front of Just for Fun on 24th Street became a paddock for two reindeer when Santa visited Noe Valley on Dec. 15. Dancer, an 8-year-old female, and Prancer, a 9-month-old male, provided good cheer for their local fans.  Photo courtesy David Eiland

A Reindeer Reminder

On Dec. 15, Just for Fun hosted Santa and two reindeer at the store on 24th Street. We took pictures of everyone who visited with Jolly Old St. Nick. For those who never picked up their photos we still have them. They are free, and there are some really cute pictures that we would hate to toss out, so please, everyone who was there that night, come on by and grab your photo!

David Eiland
Just for Fun & Scribbledoodles

3982 24th Street





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