Noe Valley Voice December 2012

On 24th Street

Asked on Sunday, Nov. 18, at 24th and Noe streets:

If you could travel back in time in San Francisco, where and when would you go?

Rebecca Stillman, Duncan Street: I would definitely go back to the 1960s and go around to my favorite neighborhoods like Noe Valley and the Haight-Ashbury area. There were a lot of interesting things going on then, and it would be nice to see what those neighborhoods were like at that time.

Verrill Rinehart, 30th Street: I would go back to 1943 at 1864 Fell St. My aunt lived there with her three kids, and she would take us all to Golden Gate Park during the weekends and from there we would travel downtown on the trolley and have the best time all together.

Ed Alter, 22nd Street: I would go to the Gold Rush time and see the clipper ships out on the bay. I would love to be able to see everyone coming into the city, which would be a dream moment for me. It would be great to be a balloonist looking over it.

Samantha Martin-Evans, 30th Street: I would go to the old Cliff House on New Year’s Eve of 1899—right before the turn of the century. I’ve always seen pictures of that ornate, spooky building and thought it looked beautiful. I would love to see the beach culture back then.

Christian Aldecoa, 25th Street: I would travel back to the Gold Rush to see San Francisco being built. It would be cool to see what everything was like and how people decided what they were going to build.

Richard Downing, Jersey Street: I would have to go back to January 1967 at the human be-in at Golden Gate Park. It was the defining moment of that whole movement. I was on the other side of the country at that time and I remember seeing and thinking that it looked like the event to be at.

Christine Horsman and Matt Backenstoss, 24th Street: It would be crazy to be one of those characters from the movie “Thin Man” from the 1930s. There is this one iconic scene where they are driving up Coit Tower, and it would have been great to be in that kind of atmosphere.

Briana Lassig, 24th Street: The 1960s were probably pretty rad. It was a pretty socially active place to live, and being there during that time would have been interesting. I would probably go to the Castro since it had to have been full of color and life at that time.

Interviews by Shayna Rubin