Noe Valley Voice October 2011

On 24th Street

Who are you going to vote for in the mayor’s race?

 reporter Shayna Rubin asked her question on Sept. 18, 2011, in front of Just for Fun on 24th Street.


Jocelyn Colopy, 27th Street: I am undecided. There are so many options. I know that Dennis Herrera, Ed Lee, and Jeff Adachi are running. I just haven’t made a decision yet.


Richard Downing, Jersey Street: I like Bevan Dufty, but I am leaning towards Dennis Herrera. I like what he has done over the years as city attorney. I support his opposition to the central subway. That should be stopped. But my vote isn’t locked in yet.


Christian Aldecoa, 25th Street: I don’t know who I am going to vote for since I haven’t looked yet. It’s not close enough to the election [Nov. 8] to determine who I am going to vote for.


Joel Markouits, Jersey Street: 

I like Jeff Adachi because of his stance on pension reform. But I understand that another candidate whose name I can’t remember is proposing another pension reform, so we’ll have to see.


Shannen Dettmann, Valley Street: I haven’t figured out who I am going to vote for since I graduate from beauty school in five weeks. As of now, I am just focused on skin care. I know nothing about the candidates now, but I am generally very politically aware, so I am hoping I will have it figured out before I graduate.


Shannon Wentworth, Duncan Street: I think I am going to vote for Bevan Dufty. He has a lot of experience in politics as a supervisor, and he is a really good guy.


Nick Freeman, Topaz Street: 

I haven’t decided who I am voting for yet. The only information I have heard about the candidates has come from the other candidates, so I don’t trust what I hear. I know the most about Ed Lee, he has the most name recognition, and seems to have more of an administrator kind of approach. Everything he has done has been okay.


John Mcknight, Dolores Street: 

I am voting for Ed Lee. I like his humble approach. He is a local politician and I know he will be a good mayor for city workers. I like his homespun politics.


Meggin Kearney, Clipper Street: I have no idea who the candidates are. I’ve only been here a year and a half. The candidates and the election are not really advertised anywhere. Usually we’re bombarded with information, but I don’t see a lot of ads.


Richard Mullen, 23rd Street: I think I am voting for Bevan Dufty since he was a good District 8 supervisor. I also like Ed Lee, as he seems to be effective and low-key. In general, I am looking for someone who is going to get stuff done. I want our mayor to be pro-business and solution-oriented.