Noe Valley Voice July 2011

On 24th Street

By Shayna Rubin

Asked on June 26, 2011, in front of Whole Foods Market and the Real Food storefront on 24th Street between Sanchez and Noe:

What would you like to see happen with the Real Food Company building (which has stood vacant for almost eight years)?


Heather and Brad Green, 27th Street: I would like to see anything go into this space since it has been empty for so long. A high end men’s clothing store would be nice. I would also like to see Tuggey’s expand and move into the space. We need a bigger hardware store.


Maury Cooper, 27th Street: I have been frustrated about the space being empty. We need a really good coffee shop. Something like Four Barrel on Valencia. We have enough bakeries and clothing stores.


Letitia Bartlett, 24th Street: It would be great to have a yoga and dance studio. A place with group exercise, without the machines. I am looking forward to seeing the building get redone. It is in bad condition.


John Balano, Clipper Street: We need something that fits in well with the community. A cheaper food store would be nice. Like a farmers’ market that is open every day of the week. I guess what I would really like to see is a slot car racing track.


Blair Moser, Fair Oaks Street: I would like to see a round-the-clock farmers’ market in that space. A place with locally produced meats, produce, and baked goods.


Chip Chambers, 26th Street: A gym or exercise facility would be nice where they actually have a shower. A dance studio in all that space would be great. I would also like to see a movie theater, la the Red Vic in the Haight.


David, Jessica, and Owen Cameron, Vicksburg Street: What we really need is a brew pub. There are very few decent bars here. We need a casual place where people can be together and meet people. Beer and pub grub would be a good combination. Also what would be useful is a maternity clothes store. There are lots of clothing stores for babies but nothing whatsoever for pregnant women. We have to go to other neighborhoods to find them.


Tom Schwab, 25th Street: It is kind of a big space. It would be a good barbecue place. A grocery store wouldn’t work because Whole Foods is there. I would like to see a place that stays open later.