Noe Valley Voice February 2011



When you travel outside San Francisco, what do you miss most about Noe Valley?

Voice reporter Shayna Rubin asked her question on Jan. 22 in front of Noe Valley Bakery on 24th Street near Castro.


Christine Hejinian, 23rd Street: When I travel, I miss the diversity of people in Noe Valley. When I travel to the Midwest, for example, I am struck by how homogeneous the people are there. It makes me miss the mixture of people here in Noe Valley.


Ryan Dickson and Kindra Briggs, Jersey Street: We miss Martha’s the most when we travel outside of Noe Valley. They have the best decaf coffee around.


Gerald Brady, Castro Street: I appreciate the nice weather in Noe Valley. When I travel, I realize how much I miss it.


Claudia Stone, Dolores Street: When I travel, I miss the convenience of everything in Noe Valley. Everything I need is here on 24th Street, so I know that if I don’t see it, I don’t need it.


Sandra Wulff, Liberty Street: I miss the food when I travel out of Noe Valley. When I go back to my home state of Connecticut, I especially miss the delicious bagels at Noe Bagel. It’s hard to get a good bagel in Connecticut.


Greta Franklin, Homestead Street: I appreciate the walkability of Noe Valley. I am new to the neighborhood, and I love that I can easily walk my dog around here. When I travel, I miss the accessibility and ease of Noe Valley.


Michael Kahn, Elizabeth Street: I moved to Noe Valley from Los Angeles a couple of months ago. Unlike L.A., in Noe Valley I can step out of my door and be in the middle of everything.


Care Cornia, Chattanooga Street: When I travel out of Noe Valley, I really miss the convenience of 24th Street. Everything I need is right here.


Sam Burbank and Celeste, 25th Street: When I travel, I miss walking in Noe Valley with my infant daughter. She and I like to walk and talk to the people around the neighborhood. I really love the intimacy of the neighborhood, and it is hard to find that anywhere else.


Pam Daghlian, Clipper Street: I always miss the view of Twin Peaks from my apartment window when I travel outside of Noe Valley.