Noe Valley Voice September 2010


What did you do this summer?


Our roving reporter Shayna Rubin posed her question on Saturday, Aug. 7, in front of Noe Valley Bakery.


Sita Patel, Alvarado Street:
I went to New York City to visit my in-laws, went to Puerto Rico to visit my brother, and went camping in Tahoe. I also worked this summer.


Sandra Halladey, Castro Street: I took my two children to England to the Isle of Wight 40th Anniversary Festival, which is the last place Jimi Hendrix performed. My parents took me and my sister there when we were younger, so this year my sister and I took our kids to experience it.


Gareth Gwyn, 24th Street:
I went to Turkey this summer to a sports club. I also went to London to see family, to Brussels for dinner, and to Stockholm for business and for some fun.


Nancy Evans, Cesar Chavez Street: This summer I went to Oregon and visited friends on the Oregon coast. It was a low-budget year. I also worked from home this summer.


Emily Doe, Sanchez Street:
I went to Vietnam with my sister this summer. We were there for five weeks, so we got to see the whole country. The people there are friendly and welcoming. However, the war, though it is four decades later, is still relevant there. I loved taking all the different types of transportation around the country. The food was amazing and it is a beautiful country.


Warren Browner, Homestead Street: I am going to Utah to see Bryce and Zion [national parks] and to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. In June I went to Hawaii.


Anjuli Fiedler, Cesar Chavez Street: This summer, at the end of June, I moved into Noe Valley from Berkeley so my commute to work would be shorter.


Andre Srinivasan, Duncan Street: I looked for a job in the game industry this summer. It’s looking promising, but I don’t want to jinx it by being too optimistic.


Nina, Dale, Carolina, and Samantha Hill, Sanchez Street: This summer we are renting a beach house in Carpinteria, California. We wanted to get away but in a reasonable driving distance.


Sonia Garieff, Castro Street: This summer I went to Yosemite. It was beautiful. I tried to climb Half Dome, until about halfway through when I realized that if I let go I would fall.