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‘Mob Mentality’ Disturbing

Dear Noe Valley Voice and Noe Valley Residents:

I just came from the June 30 Pavement to Parks meeting concerning closing a street perpendicular to 24th (first choice was Noe, south of 24th) to make a small pedestrian plaza. I have to say that I was appalled by the mob mentality of those against the closure on Noe Street. They repeatedly shouted and yelled during the meeting, so a proper discourse could not ensue.

The Pavement to Parks representative (after his frequently interrupted verbal outline of the project proposal) allowed one person from the “No on Noe Plaza” side to speak uninterrupted for upwards of 10 minutes, perhaps longer. No one from the neighborhood in favor of the proposal was given the same chance to speak at the meeting. I can’t say I’m really much for mob rule.

Pavement to Parks also proposed (as alternatives) a mini-plaza on Sanchez or on Vicksburg, both on the north side of 24th. I have seen the “No Closure of Noe” signs in the windows on the block of Noe where the first-choice plaza was proposed. As a 16-year Noe Valley homeowner (and six-year homeowner before that in nearby Diamond Heights), I have studied real estate profusely much of my 51 years. Are these people not homeowners, or do they simply not realize how much more desirable their homes would become were they to live on the lucky, newly dead-ended street? There is absolutely a measurable value to lack of road noise in front of one’s home in busy San Francisco.

I’m glad other areas were proposed for possible closure and a plaza. Please consult the residents of these streets to determine if they see the value of this improvement. Give this benefit to those who want it. And then all of us might enjoy the little bit of peace a plaza and street closure would bring to 24th Street.

Mark Olson

22nd Street


Johnny Poppyseed in Our Midst?


First I noticed that an oriental poppy appeared to be growing by my street tree. Then I noticed a couple of them growing in the street tree up the block from mine. Several weeks later they bloomed, and as I was walking around the neighborhood I saw many growing in the grounds around street trees. Whoever did this is a joy to the neighborhood and I thank him/her. Another reason I love this town.

Jean Amos

Elizabeth Street

Thanks to nature, or to a local green thumb, the sidewalk tree at 538 Elizabeth Street now shares its soil with a bouquet of bright-orange poppies.    Photo by Jack Tipple

Best Wishes from Andiamo


Seems hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since we closed Andiamo Deli and retired. It is gratifying to meet both neighbors and customers in our travels in Noe Valley who still say how much they miss both Andiamo, and Danny and me. Be assured, the feeling is mutual.... We miss all our neighbors and customers and thank you for all your love and support for the 22 years we were there. We had hoped to sell the business and had two parties interested, but things didn’t work out with the landlord, and they backed out.

Again, thank you for all your love and support for Andiamo. We appreciate your friendship and will always remember our times with you. Ciao,

Tom DiSerio and Danny Forchione

Andiamo Deli

(formerly 649 Diamond Street)


Plaza Procedural


In response to the letter in the July/August issue titled “‘Green’ Not Always Good”:

The use of the term “pronouncement” is really a trite attempt at sarcasm that is below the writer’s dignity, which is further compounded by a misstatement of the facts and a clear lack of understanding of the operation of a free association.

I am the duly elected president of the Noe Valley Merchants and Professionals Association and, as such, serve as the chairman of the board of directors.

I have no civil authority to make “pronouncements” and have never done so. When, on May 11, 2010, I expressed the association’s unanimous support for the closing of Noe Street for the trial period, I was simply doing my duty as the executive officer of the association.

The subject of the resolution was first raised at our March meeting; however, I was able to convince the board to table the motion so that our members would have an even greater opportunity to investigate further, especially in light of the fact that the first community meeting on the trial plaza was scheduled for April 8, just a week and a half away. Furthermore, I suggested that we invite Joel Panzer [of Keep Noe Open] and a spokesperson on behalf of the plaza to address our board directly.

Both sides agreed to make presentations at our April meeting, and their attendance was announced in our April association newsletter, which was mailed to over 240 Noe Valley Merchants and Professionals, encouraging their participation.

The proponents of both sides, which included Mr. Panzer, presented their best arguments for and against the plaza. Mr. Panzer was given extra time and was able to respond to all questions. I then called for a special meeting. After proper and formal announcements were given, the board of directors met in special session, and the outcome was the unanimous resolution of support for the plaza trial.

Our meetings are run by standard rules of order. Furthermore, according to our bylaws, the president only votes in case of a tie.

So, you see, I didn’t even vote on the resolution. However, I performed my obligation and informed our fellow members, customers, clients, and neighbors of the outcome by writing directly to the Noe Valley Voice.

The decision of the Merchants’ board of directors was made individually by each and every member.

Robert T. Roddick

President, Noe Valley Merchants and Professionals Association


P.O. Box 460249
San Francisco, CA 94146

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