Noe Valley Voice July-August 2010

On 24th Street

Where in Noe Valley do you take visitors from out of town? Why?

Our roving reporter Shayna Rubin posed her question on Monday, June 14, in front of Noe Bagel on 24th Street.

Mark and Kathy Perl, Chattanooga Street: We like to take our out-of-town visitors to Bacco. We like the food and the atmosphere. And for brunch we take them to Fresca because of the Mimosas.

Steven Dibner, Cesar Chavez Street: Right now, there are a lot of bassoonists that are visiting from out of town to audition for the San Francisco Opera. I take them to Bacco and Cosmic Wizard or Bernie's. I want to show the out-of-towners Bernie's because I am proud of the fact that it is run by a local girl. And I want to show them Cosmic Wizard [formerly Star Magic: The Next Generation] because of its history.

Shern Kier, Valley Street: I take guests to Billy Goat Hill. It is the best view of the city in Noe Valley.

Gemma Cubero, Clipper Street: I like to take my guests on a stroll of 24th to look at all the little shops. Especially the Cheese Company, Good News stand, and Chocolate Covered. I like to take them here because it feels like Europe and there is a nice feel of community.

Clare Sullivan and out-of-town guest Della Duncan, Elizabeth Street: I take them to the Noe Valley Bakery because of the great pastries and friendly staff. It has a great neighborhood and personal feel to it, and I want my guests to experience that.

Ryan Dickson, Jersey Street: I like to take out-of-towners to the farmers' market or Basso's restaurant. I like to show them my favorite neighborhood places.

Jane Ramos and Lisa Mitcchell, Sanchez Street: I like to take them to La Boulange or the Thai restaurant Swatdee, Whole Foods, and Alice's Restaurant. I like to take them places that have good food and are easy to get to.

Susan Alexander, Hill Street: I like to stroll on 24th with my guests. It is so nice, and everyone who visits falls in love with it. I want to share my beloved neighborhood and I want to make people love it too.

Cliff Jackson, Noe Street: I like to take my guests to Cosmic Wizard because it teaches its customers about natural energy and I think that energy is a big part of San Francisco. I want the out-of-towners to experience that energy.

Aaron Schur, 22nd Street: I like to show out-of-towners the golden fire hydrant [at Church and 20th]. It saved so many beautiful houses, so it is a very important part of San Francisco history that most visitors do not see.