Noe Valley Voice February 2010

Letters to the Editor

Remember Posing with Santa?


My name is Fima, and I own Fima Photography. In December, I took photographs of children with Santa in front of Zephyr Real Estate on 24th Street. So far, only about 10 percent of parents have come to pick up their photographs.

I want everyone to know that if their children were photographed with Santa, they can come to my studio, located at 1414 Castro Street (between Jersey and 25th) and pick up their free 5x7 photograph.

Fima Gelman
1414 Castro Street, Suite A

Orange Alert in Upper Noe


In December, my two cars were broken into three times at Sanchez and Valley streets. The culprits have taken mostly spare change, but they did steal some sunglasses and a gym bag I had left in the trunk. They broke a window one time. I've reported the incidents to the police and hope that if others have been burglarized this way, they will report the crimes to the SFPD. There's an online form at this link:

Since I made my initial report, I've been contacted by SFPD Ingleside twice to follow up on what was apparently a string of incidents. They told me they were aware of an increase in burglaries and had assigned a special problem-solving team to the area.

Meanwhile, a neighbor reported spotting some out-of-place loiterers at 5 a.m. who appeared to be casing houses by observing when people left their homes in the morning. Also, a different neighbor's benches, which were in front of their house on the sidewalk for at least 10 years, were vandalized.

So be on the lookout for people who are loitering around homes, especially in the early hours, and call the police non-emergency number to report suspicious people (553-0123). Lock your car doors and don't leave anything valuable in your cars.

Steve Komlos
Upper Noe

Bike to Marin for M.S.


I live in Noe Valley and would like to invite my neighbors to participa te in an event that benefits the nonprofit National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The event, taking place Sept 25-26, is called "Bike M.S.: Waves to Wine," and participants raise money for M.S. while biking from San Francisco to Healdsburg.

The cost is $35 until March 30, $50 until June 29, and $65 until Sept. 25, with a $350 minimum fundraising requirement.

The two-day ride is fully supported, so all you have to worry about is riding from the start to the finish each day. Day 1 leaves from S.F. and heads over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County. You'll bike north on Highway 1 and then inland to Rohnert Park for an overnight filled with music, food, and beer and wine from our generous sponsors. Day 2 will leave Rohnert Park and wind its way through wine country, ending in Healdsburg. Both days are 75 miles, with a 100-mile option on Day 1 and a 40- to 50-mile option each day. You can sign up at

For more information, email info@ or call Liz Bernstein of Bike M.S. at 415-230-6678.

Join this great cause!

Abby Weidner Brody


In the Store Trek section of our December 2009/January 2010 issue, the Noe Valley Voice mistakenly printed the wrong first name for Robert Hanfling, the founder and co-owner of Star Magic, the gift store at 4028 24th Street. We apologize for the error, and hope readers will read the corrected story at Or better yet, go visit the shop --it's currently open every day except Tuesday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.



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