Noe Valley Voice September 2009

On 24th Street

By Shayna Rubin

On Saturday, Aug. 8, I stood in front of Hill and Company at the corner of Sanchez and 24th streets and asked the question: "Do you think Noe Valley has a style? If so, what is it?" Here are some of the ways people responded:

Noah Ruffell of Duncan Street: Noe Valley has a young family style going for it. There are a lot of strollers. The other neighborhoods have gimmicks. Noe Valley is the closest thing to suburbia. It's laid-back.

Cynthia Gregory of Duncan Street: Noe Valley is casual. There's a lot of maternity wear, a lot of pregnant people. Noe Valley's style has a comfortable feel.

Karen Joffe and Carrie Wallen of Elizabeth Street: Noe Valley's style is family-friendly.
It is baby central. Noe Valley is not hip or young, but it is very

Kurt Smith of 24th Street: I just moved to Noe Valley, and I can see that it definitely has a style. There are a lot of kids. Noe Valley has a trendy family style. The style is different a couple blocks down 24th than it is a couple blocks up. The Mission is more trendy than Noe Valley."

Letitia Bartlett of 24th Street: The Noe Valley style is casual, smart, and informed. It is also very dog-friendly. Noe Valley is a working-class neighborhood, but the working class has more money.

Craig Domeny and Charlotte Makoff, and Caramel, of Church Street: Noe Valley is very eclectic and socially sensitive. It is very yuppie, but not recession-proof.

Mike Curtis of 24th Street: The Noe Valley style is independent. The people here feel that they don't want to lose their youth now that they have kids.

Dan Wallis of Alvarado Street: The Noe Valley style is very cosmopolitan, worldly, relaxed, and civilized. There's a lively buzz about it. Noe Valley is complete. It has everything you could possibly want in a neighborhood. Also, Noe Valley is not discriminatory. You don't have to be a particular type of person to live here.

Sanchez Street resident Shayna Rubin is a senior at the Urban School of San Francisco.