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Longtime Noe Valley resident Mary K. "Micki" Ryan died suddenly on July 7, 2009, at her home in Noe Valley. Micki was deeply loved by her friends and family and will be greatly missed. She served in Bolivia in the Peace Corp from 2001 to 2003, and previously, in Equador, she served with Amigos de las Americas.
Micki traveled the world and also had a great love for San Francisco, where she was active in the historic preservation movement. She was a member of San Francisco City
Guides and the Victorian Alliance.
A memorial service for Micki Ryan was held at the Noe Valley Ministry on August 8, 2009.


Noe Valley Voice

September 2009

Long History for Pizza Landmark

The now-closed Noe Valley Pizza Restaurant sent the Voice this note, correcting our chronology in a story in the July/August issue ("La Boulange to Open a Cafe in Noe Valley," July/August 2009). We apologize for slicing a few years off Noe Valley Pizza's lifespan.


Back in the mid-1960s, the corner building at 3898 24th Street was serving the Noe Valley community as Linder's Restaurant. In the mid-'70s, when Al and Dorothy Linder retired, Tony Vozaites and his wife Thalia bought the restaurant and established the Noe Valley Pizza Restaurant. At the time, Tony and Thalia were living above the restaurant. They kept the restaurant for a short while--until they moved out of town.

The Vozaites then sold it to a woman by the name of Nina Zaffos. She kept it for a short time and then sold it to Dino and Maria Farmas in 1980. They operated the business for a number of years, then sold the restaurant to [Tony and Thalia's son] Dennis and Maria Vozaites. The couple operated the business for 12 successful years, serving delicious dinners and pizza to the nice people of Noe Valley. Then La Boulange Café came with an offer to buy the restaurant, and Dennis and Maria accepted.

At this time, Dennis and Maria would like to thank all their customers and the Noe Valley community for their support throughout the years. We wish La Boulange success.

Dennis and Maria Vozaites

Tony and Thalia Vozaites

Noe Valley Pizza Restaurant

Share the Pain


In mid-July, I received an email from a neighbor on Eureka Street with the following information: "Wanted to let you know that our front area was vandalized very early this a.m. When we went out at 7 a.m., a sizable plant had been cut (several branches) and forcibly removed from the soil. Some of the hedges were separated and cut up. I noticed that about four doors north, bunches of potted plants were thrown out of their containers. Please let other neighbors know."

I noticed the damage to the potted plants and had seen my neighbor looking at his front planting area. They have spent both money and time working on the front of their house, and to have this happen is horrid.

Since it is likely that others have similar concerns: People can register on the forum in "discussions" on my website (, and post any items of concern or interest--broken car windows, potholes, and so on.

This forum and the Noe Valley Voice can provide both timely and long-term documentation of concerns immediate to the Valley.


Ed Shuck

A Flower Pot Solution

Editor's Note: The original letter was addressed to Supervisor Bevan Dufty.


In light of the clear but unacknowledged increase in tickets ($100) for partial parking on sidewalks in front of our homes in Noe Valley ["Where the Sidewalk Ends," May 2009 Voice], I have a couple of comments.

It is illegal to partially park on the sidewalk in front of our own garages while leaving adequate space for pedestrians, wheelchairs, strollers, etc. However, it is okay for businesses to place planters, tables, and chairs on half of the sidewalk in front of their establishments (with permits).

Here are two solutions:

1. Allow us to place a flower container in our vehicles and get the same permit a business does to allow parking.

2. Allow us to get a parking permit on the same basis as a business.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

K. Bollier

I'll Hold Your Horn While You...


This is an open letter to the annoying woman who leans on her horn whenever another driver stops for pedestrians crossing 24th Street: Please go around the stopped car and run them over yourself. Your excessive honking is scaring the little children and is aggravating to the adults in the neighborhood. Thank you.

Peter Childress

Our Favorite Letter


I recently picked up your June 2009 issue. Your publication is a perfect example of excellence in journalism. It is a pleasure to read--cover to cover! (I spied no typos, misspellings, poor grammar, etc.) You are providing a wonderful service to the community.

I'm a second-generation San Franciscan and have seen the decline in the quality of various San Francisco papers over the last 50 years. I hope to be able to pick up your newspaper when I get into the city again.


Santa Rosa, Calif.

Where to Put Your Food Dollars


Re "Whole Paycheck" and their corporate policies: Please don't forget that we have alternatives to financially condoning Whole Foods' activities. Apart from Rainbow Grocery and the Noe Valley Farmers' Market, here are a few other suggestions that might help you feed your head, heart, body, and soul:

1. PastaGina. This is a wonderful Italian-style deli, with fresh pasta, delicious prepared takeout, wines, etc. Owners Gino and Joanie are long, long time Noe Valley residents, over 30 years, and super folks. 741 Diamond Street at 24th.

2. 24th Street Cheese Company. This shop has a great selection of cheeses and assorted goodies. Charles is another "old-timer" who has been a friend, neighbor, and business owner for decades. 3893 24th Street at Sanchez.

3. Shufat Market. This wonderful family-owned store has always been there, at least in my memory. They have recently begun "upgrading" their product mix, and you can find a lot of pleasant surprises among the staples. 3807 24th Street at Church.

4. Drewes Brothers. These guys know their meat and fish. It's always a pleasure shopping there. You want it--they'll get it. 1706 Church Street at 29th.

5. Church Street Produce. It is astounding how much variety they can pack into such a small space. If they don't have it, you can live without it. 1798 Church at 29th.

Our amazing and unique little neighborhood is rapidly being transformed into a cookie-cutter, third-rate Union Street. We don't have to be slaves to the corporate businesses and mindless crass consumer culture. Fight back. Support small, independent, locally owned neighborhood businesses that serve our true needs as well as their bottom line. Keep our dollars circulating locally.

Patrick Monk

24th Street

Valencia Street Open During Construction


The Valencia Streetscape Improvements Project [launched last month] will benefit all San Franciscans and improve the quality of life for those visiting, living, and working along the Valencia corridor. When completed, it will create an urban space that will be more user-friendly for pedestrians, bikers, and autos alike.

The improvement project has not received much attention outside the neighborhood: It involves widening the sidewalks between 15th and 19th streets on Valencia and is expected to take nine months. Federal funding is already secured, so there should be no impact on our city budget. The people who will truly be affected are the owners and customers of the restaurants, shops, galleries, and nonprofit organizations in the neighborhood.

The city's Department of Public Works has attempted to minimize disruptions during construction. Nevertheless, the merchants of Valencia Street need your ongoing support to keep their doors open during, and upon completion of, the project. This is a particularly difficult time for nonprofits and small businesses. In order to continue to enjoy and savor the unique flavor and the variety and vitality that Valencia Street offers, we must unite.

All Valencia Street will be open for business during construction. Please remember to support your local merchants.

Steve Lopez

ArtZone 461 Gallery


1021 Sanchez Street

San Francisco, CA 94114

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