Noe Valley Voice February 2007

Use Noe Valley As Your Gym

By Elizabeth Boyarsky

Greg Bianchi, personal trainer and outdoor fitness coach of Bianchi Fitness, has customized one of his outdoor fitness workouts exclusively for Noe Valley Voice readers. This workout is intended for residents who are interested in utilizing the neighborhood's hills to burn calories and build muscle. It's also a convenient way to get your exercise without driving or leaving the neighborhood. The workout is approximately three miles long, and you can run, jog, or walk it. It should take about 45 minutes if you're running; twice that if you're walking. Bianchi's outdoor fitness classes meet at the bell tower at Dolores Park, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 and 7 a.m. For information, go to

The Workout

Starting at the corner of 24th Street and Castro, jog easily down to Dolores Street. At the corner of 24th and Dolores (A), perform 30 sit-ups. Once you've finished, "knee-hug" walk on Dolores Street up the hill to Jersey Street, one block. Then take off and jog again. Go four blocks down Dolores Street and make a right onto Cesar Chavez Street and continue jogging up to Noe Street.

Once you arrive at the corner of Noe and Cesar Chavez (B)--you have completed slightly over 1 mile--perform 20 pushups and then 30 crunches. Next, jog down to Clipper Street (James Lick School) and turn left onto Clipper. Run up Clipper Street to Douglass. Changing from a light jog to a comfortable run, remember to focus on posture. Keep your head and neck relaxed, let your shoulders drop, and feel the ground move underneath you. If you are walking this route, change from a comfortable walk to a power walk. You are going to focus on the same things: keep your head and neck relaxed, let your shoulders drop, and feel the ground move beneath you.

Once you turn right onto Douglass, slow down into a comfortable jog. Take Douglass to 23rd Street. Then turn right and pick up your jogging/running pace to Noe Street. At the corner of Noe and 23rd (C), perform 30 jumping jacks followed by 20 pushups and 30 crunches.

Look up north toward Noe Street. Briskly walk or stride up Noe Street to 21st Street. Turn right on 21st and walk slowly for recovery toward Sanchez Street. Once you get to Sanchez, turn right and easily jog/walk down Sanchez Street to 24th Street and turn right. Check out the shops and cafes as youstroll up 24th to Castro, where your workout began. Then have a great rest-of-the-day!