Noe Valley Voice April 2005

Letters to the Editor

Enjoy the Lemons


Thank you for the great gardening article in the March 2005 issue ["A Bounty of Gardening Tips from Expert Flora Grubb," by Corrie M. Anders]. It was very helpful. As a result, I am going to plant a Meyers lemon tree in a pot in my back yard, because Flora Grubb said it would work! Please keep the gardening information coming.

Jim Musselman

Via e-mail

Editor's Note: Thank you, Jim, for suggesting the article in the first place.

We Don't Want to Be Parking Snobs, Do We?


This is in response to the letter titled "Love Notes to Parking Hogs," in the February 2005 issue.

I completely understand that it is frustrating to have a car take up two spaces at the curb. I live on Castro Street near Elizabeth and see space squandered frequently in front of my house. But I'm really concerned that leaving a note as a neighborhood policy, no matter how polite, would earn Noe Valley a reputation as a bit uppity, shall we say.

I moved here six months ago from Russian Hill. Residents there have honed their parking skills to an exact science. Of course, that is because the parking on Russian Hill is so minimal at all times. Noe Valley may be on the way to a situation like that. If so, no matter how unfortunate, it will probably have to progress in a natural way.

Many of the people parking inappropriately may be visiting from the East Bay or residential neighborhoods in the city that don't have as many issues with space. If so, we don't want to discourage them from visiting and shopping here. The more they visit, the more they will learn about how to park.

If we were to consider designing a sticker to leave on cars, we would really need to make it overly friendly, including coupons or a gift with the note.

Gwen Sanderson

Castro Street

Another Slam for Doorstep Papers


Just wanted to add my voice to that of Firefly's Brad Levy with regard to the litter problem caused by "free" newspapers such as the San Francisco Examiner and the Independent.

I too have tried to reach the Examiner circulation/distribution departments, but to no avail. Their papers, usually in a plastic wrapper, just keep getting thrown into the general vicinity of every house on our block (4400 24th Street). How can this be? If I, as an ordinary citizen, were to produce one percent of that volume of litter, I would rightly be arraigned.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is sending a clear message about street litter. I'd also like to see Supervisor Bevan Dufty, as one of the mayor's strongest allies, make a few calls. Mr. Dufty, your constituents are more important than the possible endorsement issues of a paper nobody in District 8 reads.

David Podger

24th Street

Mani-Pedis May Be Cheap, But...


I was disappointed to read in the March Rumors that Noe Valley had a reputation as the cheapest place to get a manicure and pedicure in the city. I appreciate a good manicure as much as the next person. But cheap nail salons with lots of neon are a blight on our neighborhood. People crossing town for an inexpensive manicure are not going to spend money in our shops and restaurants.

If we're going to celebrate salons and spas coming to Noe, we should hope they're more distinctive. Mani Pedi (Potrero Hill), Lavande (Cole Valley), and Azalea (Hayes Valley) are all new salons that offer less neon and more comfort. They are all worth crossing town for and still a good value.

Paul Nasvik

Via e-mail

Longing for Noe Valley


I'm writing as a former resident of Noe Valley for 37 years at 3976 25th Street, in a building owned by Art the Barber.

When I retired from Amtrak in July 2002, I decided I couldn't afford to live in San Francisco or Noe Valley, due to the increased cost of living, so I re-immigrated back to Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where I was born and raised.

I do not think I made a mistake by leaving San Francisco, but the one place I miss is Noe Valley.

Now I live in the farm community of Royersford, Pa., about 10 miles west of Valley Forge. Yes, there is greenery, there are farms, but there isn't the novelty of 24th Street. I miss the friendliness of neighbors saying hello as I walked from Castro to Church.

Here we don't have the friendly shops, restaurants, not even a Bell Market where one is usually recognized by name. There are pizzerias everywhere, but none will ever compare to Noe Valley Pizza!

The worst is the weather. We have had a cold winter, with lots of snow. I miss the morning fog, the coffee, the wind blowing down 25th Street, and waiting for the J-car in a pouring rainstorm.

Thank you for letting me write to let all of you know: You are missed!

John Pritz

Royersford, Pa.

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