Noe Valley Voice October 2004

Letters to the Editor

How About a Street Fair?


I'm a local live music producer who has lived in Noe Valley since 1990. Every summer, I feel bad that every other neighborhood except ours hosts a street fair. I think it would be great to put one together and would be happy to help out.

Noe Valley needs to show off its style once in a while, and we don't have to organize our street fair like all the others if we want to make it different or quieter. One idea I had was to have it every other year so that it's more low-key.

If there are other Noe Valley residents who feel the same, drop me a line at the address below. Thanks.

Mark O'Hara

437 29th Street #3

San Francisco, CA 94131


Be Positive, Not Poisonous


I've been watching the battle over Real Food with increased dismay in the past year, but the letter from the anti-Neutraceutical group in your September issue put me over the top. The whole tone and approach has gotten poisonous, which none of us needs.

The closure of Real Food was a big blow to downtown Noe Valley, make no mistake. And the inaction of Neutraceutical and the questionable actions involving possible union-busting are signs of a bad corporate citizen. The poor internal condition of the building, however, shows the issue may not be as simple as the anti-Neutraceutical folks claim. Who knows? None of the principals will talk, since the matter is under negotiation.

But really, who cares? Real Food was a super-expensive store that few residents could afford to shop at. Thanks to many people's efforts (particularly those who also have been consumed by the anti-Neutraceutical fervor), we have a solid and growing farmers' market, and Bell Market has stepped up its organic offerings greatly.

Let's support these two sources of organic food and simply ignore Real Food if and when it reopens. That'll take care of the Neutraceutical issue.

They'll leave for lack of business, and we'll give our money to the more reasonably priced farmers' market and neighborhood Bell. All that negative energy can be redirected to positive efforts that improve Noe Valley.

Galen Gruman

24th Street

Free Examiner Is Litter to Some


As many Noe Valley residents know, the San Francisco Examiner has recently begun delivering its free paper to doorsteps in the neighborhood.

While the increased circulation may look good to the newspaper's advertisers, it looks terrible on our sidewalks, which are littered with the unread, plastic-wrapped papers.

One way to alleviate this problem is to call the Examiner's circulation desk and ask to cancel delivery to your home. They can be reached at 866-733-7323.

Alan Kram

Cesar Chavez Street

Leashes a Must at Noe Courts


I am sure that it must be a mistake that the signs at Noe Courts park at Douglass and 24th state that dogs should be on leashes. Every day, many dogs run free and unleashed around the park. In fact, today one of them ran up to my twin infant's stroller and urinated next to it. The uncaring and indifferent owner simply stood by as if this were the most natural thing in the world. On other visits to the park, I have had unleashed dogs run right up to my babies while the oblivious owners did nothing.

I really hope that we can have a park in this neighborhood that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Ann Hack

Noe Valley resident


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