Noe Valley Voice September 2003

Letters to the Editor

Response to "Vicious Dogs"


The letter "Vicious Dogs, Keep Out" in your July/August 2003 issue was simply ridiculous.

Let's review the facts. The letter writer saw a woman with a dog on a leash barking at two dogs in a van. The owner took the dog to Noe Courts Park and let it off leash.

Should the dog have been let off leash in that park? No. Is the dog "vicious" for barking at two other dogs? No. Was anyone threatened? No.

When you live in a city, you need to get along with everyone. That includes barking dogs, crying babies, smokers, loitering teenagers, noisy people, honking cars, etc. But sensationalizing stories about what you don't like is just silly and a waste of everyone's time.

Peter in Noe Valley

Don't Let This Burglar off the Hook


I'm asking for your readers' support in my cause to ensure that the San Francisco Police Department and the District Attorney's Office prosecute an individual I have positively identified as burglarizing my Noe Street home.

Each month I read about the increasing number of burglaries in Noe Valley. But it is a rare and unusual circumstance that someone is caught in the act, can be positively identified, and is ultimately identified by the police.

One early evening in January, I returned home from work to find a burglar leaving my property with my possessions. It was discovered later that evening that he had burglarized three of the six condominiums in my building. Since then, another neighbor has been robbed.

On Tuesday evening, June 24, while walking my dog, I passed this same individual on the street. When police responded to the scene, they identified the suspect. I have since learned that this individual made incriminating statements to police and also has an arrest record for burglary. Most frightening is that he lives among us in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, I have been told that the District Attorney's Office is often too busy to bother with this type of case. Therefore, I am asking every Noe Valley household to write a letter to our supervisor, Bevan Dufty, as well as to the District Attorney's Office, in support of holding this person accountable for his actions.

We have lost not only our possessions; we have lost our comfort and security, and that is worth more than anything this person could have stolen from us.

Please support me and my neighbors in urging the Police Department and the District Attorney's Office to not drop this case. Letters of support regarding case #030021010 may be sent to Supervisor Bevan Dufty, 1 Dr. Carlton Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA 94102; and to the Office of the District Attorney, Hall of Justice, 880 Bryant Street, Room 325, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Name withheld by request

Noe Valley resident

One more thing: I am appalled by the recent alarm surcharge that is being imposed by the city on those homeowners who have alarm systems--particularly considering I installed my alarm system as a result of being burglarized, finding and identifying the burglar myself, and then seeing no action from the city on the case. How does one protect oneself from the constant home invasions in Noe Valley when the city penalizes the victim rather than the crook?


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