Noe Valley Voice November 2003

Letters to the Editor

Terra Firma Won't Let You Down


This is not the first time I've boycotted Real Foods ["Real Food Closes Amid Charges of Union-Busting," October 2003 Voice].

In 1996, a stormy breakup with a skinny rocker Real Foods clerk left me hungry. Shopping at the store was out of the question. That year was Diet Coke, pretzels from the corner liquor store, and Blood on the Tracks. Eventually, I wised up and joined a CSA [Community Supported Agriculture], but by that time, he'd disappeared into New York City.

Terra Firma Farm delivers small, medium, and large boxes of seasonal, organically grown produce to three pickup sites in Noe Valley. For information go to

Elyse Shafarman

Guerrero Street

Noe Valley Could Use Some Fresh Organics


Surely I am not the only Noe Valley resident who is excited about the opening of Fresh Organics' new store on 24th Street.

I love this neighborhood, but do think that in many respects it needs to evolve beyond the 1960s! Compared to other neighborhoods, Noe Valley seems to resist change, and as a result, many of the storefronts and awnings are dilapidated, the newspaper stands are old and rusty, and the street is littered. In other districts, the shop owners strive to beautify and maintain clean sidewalks.

There also seems to be a hypocritical resentment by residents toward commercial franchises, yet they flock to patronize the chain coffee shops and restaurants! I myself prefer owner-run businesses, but I do think this new store will improve the quality and standing of the neighborhood.

They will most certainly have an attractive, clean storefront and a beautiful (much needed) remodeled interior. The organic nature of the produce they will offer fits the spirit of the area.

Despite the protests, I'm sure the store will be a great success. Of course, I sympathize with the workers who lost their jobs, but perhaps the new company will be hiring even more people and will benefit the community in the long run.

Noe Valley must stop resenting change and evolution!

Lorraine Evanoff

Noe Valley resident

Lock Your Doors


I thought you should know that there has been a rash of neighborhood crimes on Fair Oaks Street. Mail is being stolen, potted plants outside homes are vanishing, flyers are posted that cars are being broken into, and yesterday [Oct. 12] we were burglarized twice. The second time, I walked in on the robber. A foot chase ensued with the burglar getting away.

The police were involved, and they were able to retrieve a partial fingerprint from our ransacked dresser. Regretfully, our apartment door was unlocked both times the robber entered, as we were in our office on the same floor. Needless to say, the lesson here is that this robber is brazen enough to take serious chances. Moreover, he clearly has been watching us to know our patterns and habits.

Please warn your readers once again to lock their doors and windows both day and night.

Jason Allen-Rouman

Fair Oaks Street

Proud Mother of a Midwife


What an inspiring story you ran in your newspaper last month ["It Takes a Midwife to Make a Village," by Maria Iorillo, October 2003 Voice]. It just so happens that my daughter is presently attending "doula classes," and has already attended two births with a licensed doula. She had a water birth herself when her son was born four years ago. I had the privilege of being there when this little grandson was born. It was totally unbelievable and a great experience for a grandmother to be a witness to such a blessed event.

My other daughter, who lives in Noe Valley, is the one who told me to check this story out. We live in Mission Viejo in southern California, and my aspiring midwife daughter lives in Laguna Beach with her husband and their two young sons.

Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Keep up the good work!

Patricia Bolduc

Via e-mail


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