Noe Valley Voice March 2003

Letters to the Editor

Walks for All Seasons


Thank you for your article about one of our Mission mural tours in the February issue--"Take a Mural Walk with City Guides" [by Janis Cooke Newman, February 2003 Voice].

San Francisco City Guides offers over 20 walking tours of the city. Some of them are more strenuous, such as the Land's End walk, which starts in Sutro Park and wanders around the Cliff House, the Sutro Bath ruins, and the Bay Trail for a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. And some are inside walks, good for rainy days, such as the Palace Hotel and Coit Tower.

Just one correction, though--our phone number is 415-557-4266.

Susan Saperstein

Chair, Management Board

San Francisco City Guides

22nd Street resident

We apologize for the error. --Editor

Who Else Is Running Besides Newsom?


As a longtime resident of Noe Valley, I have enjoyed reading the Noe Valley Voice for years.

While at my book club meeting last week, the topic of conversation turned to next fall's race for mayor of San Francisco. Although many of us had assumed that the others were resigned to Gavin Newsom as our next mayor, that was not the case. Instead, we all agreed we were sick and tired of the Chronicle heralding Newsom as the eventual leader of our city. I realize that many strategists believe that Pacific Heights is the only neighborhood that votes, but I am here to tell you that my city is more than just one rich neighborhood.

I voted for Willie Brown twice, but I am now fed up with the political corruption and self-promoting regime that Mayor Brown has built on the backs of San Franciscans such as myself. I refuse to let Mayor Brown continue his political wheeling-and-dealing by placing the next mayor in office himself.

I hope your paper will provide even coverage of the mayor's race. I am interested in reading about the other mayoral candidates, such as former Police Chief Tony Ribera.

I am not politically active, and like many of my Noe Valley neighbors, I have not yet decided for whom I will cast my vote. However, I am certain a large majority of us will not vote for Newsom (otherwise known as Willie Junior).

Susan McAllister

Noe Street resident


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