Noe Valley Voice February 2003

Letters to the Editor

St. Paul Alumnae Alert


I am looking for gals who went to St. Paul's High School in the early 1950s. [The high school was located at 317 29th Street near Church, in a massive granite building now occupied by a condominium complex.]

I used to live on Duncan between Church and Sanchez, and would like to hear from my former classmates.

Cecilia E. Schneider

Fairmount a Hidden Gem


Thank you for your story on Lizbeth Sanchez, the mother at Fairmount School who was deported to Guatemala and brought back with the help of other parents and teachers fighting to reunite her with her family. [Laura McHale Holland wrote about Sanchez's harrowing experience in her "This 'n' That" column in the December 2002/ January 2003 Voice.]

The story was so moving that it made me check out Fairmount Elementary School for my daughter for kindergarten next year. My husband and I have been very impressed by the teachers, the parents, and the incredible sense of community. Even though it's our neighborhood school, we hadn't taken a serious look at it before. Now we're hoping she will go to school at Fairmount.

Thanks for keeping us on top of what's happening in our community--we rush out on the first day of every month to look for the new issue of the Voice.

Jan Goben

Via e-mail


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