Noe Valley Voice March 2002

Letters to the Editor

C'mon, Get Funky


According to your "Rumors" section [February 2002], the San Francisco Chronicle, S.F. Weekly, and In Style magazine have been associating Noe Valley with corporate coffee and gentrification, and saying we are "best-known for our baby strollers and SUVs."

Hey, SUV/stroller set: Will you get funky? You choose to live in the deep city because it's more hip, right? So you probably have a hip side. But your insular cars and predictable uniform are not hip at all.

Don't let the diaper-changing be an excuse. You can find time to contribute some individuality to your surroundings. Sell the SUV, make some crazy mom-daughter matching outfits, and strut your creative side all over 24th Street!

When my parents brought me up in this city, they were funky. If they can do it, you all can do it!

Joanna Lenn

Chattanooga Street

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