Noe Valley Voice March 2001

Police Beat
Robber Was Direct: "I Just Want Cash"

By Officer Lois Perillo

There was only one reported robbery within my Noe Valley beat in January.

A man and a woman were parking their vehicle at Alvarado and Diamond streets on Sunday, Jan. 14, at 2:25 a.m. They were approached by a 25- to 30-year-old man who brandished a silver gun at the male passenger and said, "I just want cash." When the passenger handed over his wallet, the suspect removed the money and threw the wallet down before moving to the driver's side. The woman took money from her purse and gave it to the robber, who ran east on Alvarado Street. Luckily, no one was physically hurt in the incident.

Officer Kevin Stancombe responded and searched the area, but did not find the suspect, who may also be involved in a similar robbery that occurred at Castro and 18th streets.

Repeat Offender in DV Case

In a domestic violence incident that took place on Tuesday, Jan. 2, a 32-year-old woman was assaulted by her 44-year-old husband in their home on the 4200 block of 22nd Street.

The man allegedly grabbed his wife by the throat and pushed her into a wall, and then shoved his fingers into one of her eyes. Then he punched his fist through a glass window, cutting his hand.

After police were called, Officer Brian Philpott arrived on the scene and took the man into custody. A criminal records check revealed that the suspect had been charged with domestic violence in three separate cases in Alameda County.

At the officer's request, a judge issued a restraining order, barring the suspect from contacting his wife and ordering him to move out for a minimum of five days. The husband was booked in this incident and he spent one day in jail, after which his charges were dropped and he was released. Five weeks later, however, he appeared to be at it again.

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 12:56 a.m., he broke into his wife's padlocked bedroom, ripped the phone cord from the wall, and then physically and sexually assaulted her. Officers Shawn Fulgado and Matt O'Leary responded this time and took the suspect into custody, where he remained last month. He will face multiple felony charges at his March court date.

Battles in the Laundromat

In a bizarre dispute over a power washer, two 22-year-old men assaulted a 54-year-old man in a laundry on the 3300 block of 21st Street, on Sunday, Jan. 14, at 9:18 p.m.

When one of the younger men asked the whereabouts of a power washer, the older man, an employee, denied knowledge of the equipment. The two pushed the older man into a wall, handcuffed one of his wrists as he struggled, then pushed him to the ground, where one of them tried to stab him with a knife. The employee struggled and sustained defensive wounds to his free hand, but managed to avoid further knife injury. However, the other assailant struck him in the back of his head with a blunt object. At this point in the melee, an unidentified woman phoned the police. The older man's work partner finally heard his yells for help. Fearing for his co-worker's life should the assault continue, the worker used a bat and struck both suspects, causing them to relinquish their hold and effectively stopping the assault.

Police Officers Lyn Weggenmann and Christopher Damonte arrived at the scene, confiscated all the weapons, and rendered and summoned medical aid. Subsequently, they booked the two suspects at county jail, where they remained pending their court dates.

On Friday, Jan. 12, at 11:43 a.m., while in a different laundromat on the 1000 block of Dolores Street, a 20-year-old woman was pushed by a 19-year-old man in a dispute over the use of a clothes dryer. The woman went out and brought two friends back with her. They confronted the man and entered into a yelling and pushing match with the instigator. Officers Eamonn Conway and Sandy Ganster responded, and with the woman's signed complaint, cited the man who pushed her.

Burgs Mount Up

There were 10 reported burglaries within my area of Noe Valley during January, with four houses or flats targeted, and two each of apartments, garages, and commercial properties. The majority of the crimes happened on weekdays, during the day. Take extra precautions to lock up when you're not at home.

No New Dispos

Surprisingly, there is nothing new to report about the local cases I've been following. All the defendants are keeping their court dates, either on their own or encouraged by the sheriff's department, which escorts them from jail to court.

This Is Goodbye, for Now

As many of you know, my partner Heather and I are expecting our first child very soon. I've been "off the street" for about five months, working in the Graffiti Abatement Unit (558-5445). I've also been enjoying my interactions with the adults and young people sent to our program, and the many officers detailed to make it work.

Yes, I do miss my 24th Street beat partner, Officer Lorraine Lombardo, and all of you in the Noe Valley community. As one of the original community police officers of yore -- and as someone who is committed to neighborhood policing and still believes strongly in establishing a partnership with the people I serve -- I find my nearing departure to be bittersweet. However, I am also so excited about being a mom.

My due date is March 12, and I intend to work right up into early labor. I'm hoping to be able to stop at home before my trip to the hospital, but I may indeed be spirited to California Pacific Medical Center in a patrol car. Who knows?

My own birth story is quite fun--Mom had contractions at about 6 p.m. on a snowy December night. She was told by the family doctor, Thron, who had birthed her in her great-grandmother's bed, to check into the hospital in a few hours. "Good," Mom replied, "I still have Christmas shopping to do."

She promptly went to Parkchester with Nana, completed her shopping, and walked into the hospital around 9 p.m. I was born around 1 a.m., with Dad in the hallway, giving presents to the nurses.

So, this is goodbye for now. Thanks for the honor of working within your community. It's been a grand 12 years. Be safe, and Lorraine will see you on patrol.

As you may well surmise, Officer Lois Perillo will be taking a leave of absence from her reporting of the Police Beat column in the Voice. However, we do plan to smile through our tears and publish a modified police log in the coming months. We'll also give you the baby news. Have a good one, Lois!

Meanwhile, if you would like to discuss a crime or safety problem, call Officer Lorraine Lombardo at Mission Station at 558-5404. Or for those Noe Valley residents living south of Cesar Chavez Street, call Ingleside Police Station at 553-1603.