Noe Valley Voice July-August 2000

July 15 Is Opening Day for Dog Run at Upper Noe Rec Center

By Heidi Anderson

After months of ogling the freshly sprouted green grass, neighborhood dogs, toddlers, ballplayers, joggers, picnickers, and sky gazers will finally get a chance to try out the new field at Upper Noe Recreation Center, also called Day Street Park. At a community meeting in June, Rec and Park officials announced that the field will reopen on July 15. (It has been closed since September for resodding and sprinkler repair.) The renovated field will sport two new features. It will have a second entrance on 30th Street, closer to Church Street. And the park will have a new, fenced-in dog exercise area along the east and south sides.

Acting Rec and Park Supervisor Dan McKenna stressed that the V-shaped
dog run will be the only part of the field where canines can romp off-leash. The rest of the field -- including the baseball diamond and the large grassy area opposite the
tennis courts -- is for human use only, he said. He also said the dog run would be operated for three months on a trial basis. After 90 days, the city will hold a second community meeting to evaluate how the dog run is working. "Before we have to bear the cross of ruining the entire field and have to listen to public safety complaints, we want to establish a permanent dog run for off-leash dogs," McKenna said.