Noe Valley Voice February 2000

Gone But Not Forgotten: Mochi the Rottweiler

By Jane Tatum

Mochi, a lovable, sweet Rottweiler often seen both in and out of 24th Street shops, died on Dec. 11 at the age of 5. She was a goodwill ambassador for her neighborhood, and liked nothing better than being with her human mom, Jan Van Swearingen of Elizabeth Street, and her many other human friends.

In early December, Mochi contracted an auto-immune disease that prevented her blood from clotting. During the next eight days, she received 10 blood transfusions, strong medication, and round-the-clock care at Mission Pet Hospital and the All-Animal Emergency Hospital. On her second night in the hospital, Mochi stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated.

Amazingly, during all of this, Mochi's spirit and good nature never failed. She loved the attention from her caretakers and never complained about any of the procedures performed on her. She knew everyone was trying to help. Jan promised Mochi that she would continue to try any possible treatment as long as Mochi continued to enjoy life and wag her tail and smile in her own inimitable way.

The struggle exhausted Mochi and, unfortunately, she never responded to the treatments. On Dec. 11, Mochi asked her mom to let her rest; she was a good girl and did not deserve to suffer. She died in the arms of several dear friends.

Mochi was special. We'll miss her, but we won't forget her.

Editor's note: Mochi's mom, Jan Van Swearingen, would like to thank Just for Fun, Common Scents, and all the kind and generous people who donated money to help with Mochi's vet bills. "This neighborhood has done so much to support me in my effort to save my dog and now to pay my debt after she has gone. I am so glad I live here."