Noe Valley Voice April 1999


Not dedicated to Allen Ginsberg

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked under their natural fiber clothes:

driving themselves through the Breda streets at dawn looking for a place to park the Honda,

fortysomething birthmothers burning to nurse wherever I damned well feel like it

who double income and bifocaled and microbrewed sipped non-smoking decaf shawarmas under the recessed torchieres of microwave condo balconies floating across the heads of the street sheet sellers

who bored their therapists with closing costs 401K carpal severence sewer tax DVD hot flash hydroponics balsamic polenta and wine, mine, gimme, me, WHINE

who waited in line online with cell phones in the corner pocket -- ring! -- at Walgreens -- ring! -- at Laughing Meditation -- ring! -- it's for me! me! me!

who sent food back to the kitchen who demanded one-hour service who expected a cash refund


who saw the saviour at Savor whose speed-dial says Eric Millie Chloe

who smoked a cigar on the bench at Small Frys who drove up on the sidewalk to make a U-turn who taught their toddler how to count on the ATM at rush hour

who said "save a tree" when someone offered them a paper bag

whose Valentine vegetable seven bucks steamed carrot seemed worth it at the time

who ached for Star Bakery Star Magic Cork n Bottle Needle's Eye Noble Frankfurter Wooly Mammoth Bud's Patch County Panos' Acme Metal Spinning Works Cafe

The world is holy! The socks are holy!
The bagel is holy! The colander is holy!
The doughnut is happy!
The happy donut is holy!

Holy the statues in Xela's! Holy the water from Calistoga!
Holy the rat and holy the raven!
Holy the piercings of the children in the bike lane!
Holy the tinsel of the merchants! Holy the hayride!
Holy the hemp! Holy the Reagan in the window!
Holy the wooden heel! Holy the miracle bottom-of-the-shoe powders!
Holy the smoothies, the Zoloft, the California roll!
Holy the miniature Reese cups at Sun Valley Dairy!
Holy the Herb's burger!

When I'm dead
bury me please
in two fully loaded

--Howlin' Doug, Howlin' Sal, and Howlin' Karol