Noe Valley Voice September 1998

Coffee Ban Still Percolating

The coffee store moratorium on 24th Street moved a step closer to becoming a permanent ban last month. However, the measure was changed significantly in an informal meeting at City Hall on Aug. 28.

Representatives from Friends of Noe Valley, the East & West of Castro Club, the Noe Valley Merchants Association, the Noe Valley Democratic Club, the Outer Church Merchants, and several other neighborhood groups met with Zoning Administrator Bob Passmore and Supervisor Sue Bierman to iron out their differences on the proposed ban. The result was a compromise that stated that:

* No new coffee shops or juice bars would be allowed on 24th Street from Chattanooga to Douglass streets.

* The ban would be confined to 24th Street only. (Other commercial strips in the neighborhood, like Castro and Church streets, would be exempt.)

* Retail grocery stores with less than 100 sq. ft., such as Mom and Pop stores along 24th Street, would be allowed to have deli counters, but no seating.

* Specialty grocery stores would also be permitted, as long as they did not have tables and chairs or offer takeout.

Since the measure has to be rewritten, it will most likely return to the Planning Commission before moving on to the Board of Supervisors. This means there will be more public hearings. To find out details of the proposal or when the next hearing will be, call Supervisor Bierman's office at 554-6661.