Noe Valley Voice May 1998

Most Local Workers Live in or Near Noe Valley

In February 1998, the Noe Valley Merchants and Professionals Association took a poll of its membership to find out more about local employees. Out of 122 association members, 96 responded to the survey. Last month Association President Robert Roddick shared some of the findings:

* Half of the respondents (48) said their businesses are owned or managed by women.

* The 96 stores and businesses participating in the poll employ 695 people.

* Of those employees, 269 -- or about 39 percent -- live in Noe Valley. Most of the remaining live in surrounding neighborhoods such as Bernal Heights, Twin Peaks, Diamond Heights, and the Mission.

* Food service establishments employ 243 of the 695 local employees, or about 35 percent. Financial institutions employ 63 people, a little more than 9 percent.

* Twenty local stores are part of a chain (having two or more locations); 76 are single-location stores.

* Of the 20 chains, 9 have three locations, 4 have four to five locations, and 7 have eight or more locations.