Noe Valley Voice April 1998

Clinton Made Passes at Noe Valley Women

By Juana Dewit

Last month several Noe Valley residents were among the thousands who came forward to accuse President Bill Clinton of sexual harassment.

One was Gimi Moore, the cookie lady for the Noe Valley Democratic Club. "He gave me a pat once, when I asked him to pass the butter at a fundraiser," she shuddered. "I was so upset, I became bulimic."

Another victim was Diamond Street resident Willey Grabme, who works as an intern at San Francisco General Hospital. "He had laryngitis, so he sent one of his aides into the emergency room to ask if I'd check him out. So I went right over. When I looked down his throat, he said 'Aaah!'" she recalled with a wince.

There were a number of women who claimed they were sexually assaulted by Clinton back in 1992, at an outdoor campaign rally at 24th and Mission.

"As I stopped my car at the intersection, I noticed Clinton up on the podium. He looked across the huge crowd and I think he winked at me. I could tell he was aroused. And then he sent one of his bodyguards over to my car. I was sure he was going to ask for my phone number, but he just told me to move my car or I'd get a ticket," said Gerda Loins, a self-employed furrier. "This has scarred me deeply," she sobbed. "I haven't been able to drive on 24th Street since."

The women have joined a class action suit against the president, but are still afraid of retaliation from the White House.

To help them cope, Mayor Willhe Brown promised to equip the women with heat-seeking helicopters, should Clinton ever visit San Francisco again. "These ladies need to get over it," Brown said emphatically, "and I'll see if I can't find some weapons of mass de-