Noe Valley Voice May 1997

Call the Pothole Patrol

By Loren J. Bialik

Come across any potholes lately? Is the road bumpier than it used to be?

DPW spokesperson Alex Mamak says his department needs your help in locating potholes and other dangerous cracks in the street. "If we don't know they're out there, we can't fix them," said Mamak.

To report a pothole -- no matter how small or seemingly insignificant -- call the city's Pothole Hotline at (415) 695-2100.

If the pothole is on their turf, workers from DPW will try to repair it within 48 hours on weekdays. For projects that require more than 48 hours to fix, DPW will develop an "action plan." If the repair is the responsibility of another agency such as PG&E, DPW will notify that agency.

When you call, please give the pothole's nearest street address and cross-street.